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January 21, 2000

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The expansion of tourism in Turkey over the last two decades has opened up a virtually untapped source of property and commercial opportunities for investors in property. It is now possible for foreigners to purchase the freehold in property in many areas, and especially in the resort areas of Turkey

Now that Turkey has been accepted as a candidate for membership of the European Community, now is more than ever, an excellent time to consider an investment in property

aegean PROPERTY SALES is based in Bodrum, which is the premier resort on the Aegean coast and just twenty minutes from the new international airport. Our services include all aspects of real estate purchase in this region including travel, accommodation and viewing arrangements, property search, legal formalities, financial and investment advice and translation services. We can also provide post purchase administration, building, maintenance and rental services

We have access to an extensive selection of real estate for sale in the Aegean region of Turkey, from modest apartments o luxury villas. We also have a smaller selection of development land for sale. A selection of the property we have available for purchase at the present time can be seen by clicking on the MAIN LINKS above. The properties included in our listings are intended to provide a guide to prices and facilities. We can of course provide more details on any of the properties listed, though this can in no way provide the detailed information which can be obtained from a personal inspection

In our experience the property which first interests you on paper is unlikely to be the one you eventually purchase. For this reason we recommend that serious buyers should plan a visit Turkey with the specific purpose of inspecting a selection of real estate close to your requirements and price budget


Now that the 1999 season is over it is the perfect time to plan an inspection visit. Prices are traditionally at their lowest at this time of year, and in conjunction with the present situation in Turkey there are some outstanding bargains to be found

For your inspection visit we can arrange flights, airport welcome, transfers, various standards of accommodation at special discount rates.  Local transportation for viewing is included as part of our service

In the event of a purchase a further pre-agreed discount will be applied to the travel and accommodation arrangements we make on your behalf

Once you have bought your property whether as a holiday home or rental investment, our Propertycare™ service is available to ensure that your villa or apartment is kept in premium condition and that all local taxes etc are paid at the appropriate time. We can also include your property on our holiday lets listings for whichever dates you specify


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